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How many closed studies sponsored by Pfizer remain unpublished? How many closed studies sponsored by Pfizer without disclosed results to — Pfizer se niega a transparentar datos obtenidos en ensayos clínicos — Médicos Sin Marca (@MedicosSinMarca) September 1, 2015 .@Pfizer says greater clinical trial transparency offers no value to patients. They are…

¿En qué consiste la agrupación “Médicos Sin Marca”? — Via Matasanos

…”Nuestra propuesta contempla dos aspectos de la relación medicina-industria: por una parte lo que sucede en la investigación, y por otra lo que sucede a nivel del médico clínico (donde nos situamos la mayoría). Sobre el primero, planteamos mejor regulación. Más específicamente, velar por la publicación de resultados positivos y negativos, prohibir prácticas como el ghost-writing…

Incretin mimetics: liraglutide (Victoza) unpublished studies (, EudraCT, and UMIN) → 69%

Originally posted on Chaos Theory and Pharmacology:
  Background: “Novo Nordisk replies to BMJ investigation on incretins and pancreatic damage” – Re: let’s start this discussion again Unpublished & published liraglutide studies in humans – Completed before Jan 1, 2011 – – Unpublished (n=37): 68.5% – Published (n=17): 31.5% → 3.1 papers per published study record. 90% of the studies (35…

Federación Médica Colombiana: “Otros Reportes de Nuestros Colegas con Respecto a Injusticias y Agresiones Laborales”

“Muchos hemos sido agredidos y pocas respuestas o apoyo hemos recibido de las entidades donde estamos laborando. En Armenia, por ejemplo, jefe de enfermería se encuentra en UCI por un trauma craneoencefálico; médicos en similares situaciones siendo silenciados y manipulados con amenazas sobre su salario, su calidad profesional y su integridad emocional en Huila y…

More Than Just Hot Air…

Bravo! Thank you for writing and posting, wonderful story!!

By the way, it made me also curious, orlistat (I know that there is surely publication bias here, but how much could it be?).

Hmmm… Let’s see…
Search Query (Today – Mar 6th, 2015): Orlistat
Results: 50 NCT Numbers
Completed before January 1st, 2014): 40 NCT Numbers
Database Downloaded and Converted to Google SpreadSheets: Open (worldwide – except in countries with restrictions):

PubMed Search Query (Today – Mar 6th, 2015):

  • 31 study registers Not Found:

NCT01332448, NCT01170806, NCT01414465, NCT00601354, NCT01550926, NCT01719419, NCT01003483, NCT00461799, NCT01126970, NCT00752726, NCT00001723, NCT00871845, NCT01475019, NCT00207311, NCT01320228, NCT01035333, NCT01797757, NCT00152360, NCT00940628, NCT01387243, NCT01351753, NCT00533481, NCT00794963, NCT00212199, NCT01047657, NCT00541762, NCT00759993, NCT01152931, NCT00320333, NCT00419289, NCT00317057.

Pending Embase (to be continued…)

Right now, I’ll just stop writing and suggest you to read this awesome story reblogged from Victor Dolore’s Blog: Behind The White Coat — URL:

Re: What Does the New York Times Have Against Psychiatry? ― @DrJlieberman

Dr. Lieberman,  Do you have any comment about this information? 1. 2. 3. Why the American Association of Psychiatry have not disclosed their financial reports? Sincerely, Jorge H. Ramírez

“Doctors reporting crimes are turned back over to the very perpetrators of the crimes” — Dr. Michael L. Langan

“Doctors reporting crimes are turned back over to the very perpetrators of the crimes. The Medical Societies and professional organizations contribute to the problem by willful ignorance. Accusations are used to disregard the claims of the accused.” (1) This quote describes exactly what happens to me.(2-8) I was reporting crimes and then delivered back to the…

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: which articles were violated by @Univalle_FSalud?

Articles violated by those who planned and executed my forced psychiatric treatment (December 8, 2014) The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 3. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person Article 5. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Article 8. Everyone…

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