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“@Univalle_FSalud: Comuníquese con el Decano” Re: “Tu comentario está pendiente de moderación.” — Parece que seguirá “pendiente de moderación” …por los siglos de los siglos… (este comentario fue hace varias semanas y tampoco aparece en la página web) — Les recuerdo sus vinculos con la industria farmacéutica — Este es el laboratorio farmacéutico multinacional — Estos son los tipos de vinculos de la Escuela de…

Carta abierta a la comunidad académica de la Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia. (Spanish & English versions)

Puede citar esta carta de la siguiente forma: Ramirez JH. Open letter to the academic community at Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia. ​fig​share. Estimados miembros de la comunidad académica de la Universidad del Valle, Estaré fuera del país por cerca de 15 días (viajo la próxima semana) para la asistencia al evento Evidence Live 2015 (Universidad…

Open Letter to the Academic Community at Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia.

Note: this letter was originally posted on the Linkedin group of Universidad del Valle (1897 members). Dear members of the academic community at the University, I will be out of the country for about 15 days (leaving next week) for attendance to the event Evidence Live 2015 (Oxford University, UK). On the other hand,…

Corruption and the role of bystanders: What are the implications for whistleblowers?

Originally posted on Chaos Theory and Pharmacology:
…”My thinking on this is inspired by a recent book by eminent sociologist Stanley Cohen, States of Denial: Knowing about Atrocities and Suffering (Polity Press, 2001). Cohen systematically analyses processes of denial by both individuals and governments. The book is impressive in its scope and insight. I can only introduce…

Advice for the dissident scholar –By Brian Martin

Originally posted on Chaos Theory and Pharmacology:
“Dissident scholars can be attacked in various ways, including by denial of tenure, harassment, withdrawal of research grants, official reprimands, referral to psychiatrists, ostracism by colleagues, spreading of rumors, transfer to different locations or jobs, and dismissal. Inevitably, the justification for such attacks is poor performance or some…

Peter Wilmshurst: meet a successful whistleblower

Richard Smith: A successful and cheerful whistleblower “Peter Wilmshurst is that rare thing—a successful whistleblower. What’s more, he’s a cheerful one, despite having lost £25 000, faced bankruptcy and the loss of his house, and spent every evening, weekend, and his annual leave for three years successfully defending an egregious libel case.”… — Richard Smith…

Seven mistakes are commonly made by those aiming to expose wrongdoing

• Trusting too much
• Not having enough evidence
• Using the wrong style
• Not waiting for the right opportunity
• Not building support
• Playing the opponent’s game
• Not knowing when to stop.”

The whistleblower’s handbook: how to be an effective resister — By Brian Martin
Published in 1999 by Jon Carpenter in Charlbury, UK and Envirobook in Sydney, Australia

Could we begin to talk about what I wrote just hours before being silenced by coercion into psychiatric treatment?

Dear Professors of Psychiatry, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia. Your diagnosis has been debunked.(1) Please read this post imagining my voice as a very soft whisper.(2) I would like to quote again the following excerpt: “On first glance, political abuse of psychiatry appears to represent a straightforward and uncomplicated story: the deployment of medicine…

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