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  1. January 24, 2016 at 12:00 am

    Only the corrupt can doubt the corruption in medicine and pharmacy. Pharmacy is many times a convicted criminal profession. Dr Matthias Rath MD published the details in his book “Why animals don´t get heart attacks but people do.” I have suffered more than most perhaps. It seems obvious that CardioRetinometry was used by a popular newspaper to threaten Pharmacy, extract what we think was protection money, for a full page pharmacy advert instead of the editor´s TWICE promised article reporting supplied objective photometric evidence and concluded that the newspaper receives $40,000/WEEK for control of the editorial content of the health reporting. In 2004 2,000 Russian virus laden websites naming CardioRetinometry destroyed computers of people searching for the new science. The CardioRetinometry entry on Wikipedia was suppressed and I was banned for life from editing Wikipedia. Books and newspaper articles by authors like cardiologist Dr Jeffrey Dach MD, Dr W. Gifford-Jones MD, Dr Owen Fonorow, Dr Steve Hickey, Dr Hilary Roberts, and many others are ignored when they have validated CardioRetinometry as a new science a “Historic Discovery worthy of the Nobel Prize” ((Dr W. Gifford-Jones MD) . Medicine is literally and sickeningly corrupt and it cannot continue. The graph on page 49 of my “700 Vitamin C Secrets” book PROVES the corruption (Amazon). The graph proves the suppression of the incidence of SCURVY, Man´s most common fatal disease, and is repeated at the back of my Kindle book “Call Dr Sydney J. Bush!” $3 or FREE from my e-mail address.
    “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” And THAT IS WHAT HAS HAPPENED! Again – there is so much evidence now that only the corrupt or ignorant will try to defend medicine and pharmacy.

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