More Than Just Hot Air…

Bravo! Thank you for writing and posting, wonderful story!!

By the way, it made me also curious, orlistat (I know that there is surely publication bias here, but how much could it be?).

Hmmm… Let’s see…
Search Query (Today – Mar 6th, 2015): Orlistat
Results: 50 NCT Numbers
Completed before January 1st, 2014): 40 NCT Numbers
Database Downloaded and Converted to Google SpreadSheets: Open (worldwide – except in countries with restrictions):

PubMed Search Query (Today – Mar 6th, 2015):

  • 31 study registers Not Found:

NCT01332448, NCT01170806, NCT01414465, NCT00601354, NCT01550926, NCT01719419, NCT01003483, NCT00461799, NCT01126970, NCT00752726, NCT00001723, NCT00871845, NCT01475019, NCT00207311, NCT01320228, NCT01035333, NCT01797757, NCT00152360, NCT00940628, NCT01387243, NCT01351753, NCT00533481, NCT00794963, NCT00212199, NCT01047657, NCT00541762, NCT00759993, NCT01152931, NCT00320333, NCT00419289, NCT00317057.

Pending Embase (to be continued…)

Right now, I’ll just stop writing and suggest you to read this awesome story reblogged from Victor Dolore’s Blog: Behind The White Coat — URL:

Behind the White Coat

Fountain in Lucerne

“…and so when treating congestive heart failure, you need to include…”

I felt a significant bit of flatus building. Sooner or later I was going to have to let it go. Surrounding me at the conference table were my fellow residents, their eyes focused on the PowerPoint slide presentation projecting onto the wall. Beads of perspiration started on my forehead.

The lecturer for the Thursday afternoon didactic session was an old cardiologist from the community.

But not just any cardiologist.

Oh, no.

He was the biggest, most giant prick of all cardiologists and as such, there was no way in hell I would be able to stand up and walk out without inciting his wrath. That would not bode well for the next late night cardiology consult I had to call in.

However, I also knew I could not hold the fart in much longer. Fortunately, my chair was upholstered…

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