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REPOST: Is healthcare careful? Is it kind? by Dr. John Mandrola

Originally posted on Minimally Disruptive Medicine:
Is healthcare careful? Is it kind? January 24, 2015 By Dr John Filed Under: Doctoring, Health Care, Healthy Living Research now indicates 50% of middle–aged people live with one chronic disease. Translation: half of middle-aged people are not healthy.(You don’t need a reference there. Just walk out into the…

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: which articles were violated by @Univalle_FSalud?

Articles violated by those who planned and executed my forced psychiatric treatment (December 8, 2014) The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 3. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person Article 5. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Article 8. Everyone…

Laboratory Misconduct in Drug Testing–Processing “Forensic” as “Clinical” to Bypass Chain-of-Custody

Originally posted on Disrupted Physician:
In “Ethical and Managerial Considerations Regarding State Physician Health Programs, ” Dr.’s J Wesley Boyd and John Knight note the significant and multiple conflicts of interest that exist between State Physician Health Programs and the referral treatment centers that they use.     They state: “To further complicate matters, many evaluation/treatment centers…


Uninkastic (from Anankastic): Related to the obsessive-compulsive desire of university managers to control academics’ lives. #HEwords — Ricardo Grau-Crespo (@rgraucrespo) October 24, 2014 View more: 11 new words for academics. #HEwords @ChrisParrTHE @timeshighered — Shit Academics Say (@AcademicsSay) October 29, 2014  

My favorite excerpt (471 words) ever written in science — By John P. A. Ioannidis

Science at-Large on Planet F345, Andromeda Galaxy, Year 3045268 …”Planet F345 in the Andromeda galaxy is inhabited by a highly intelligent humanoid species very similar to Homo sapiens sapiens. Here is the situation of science in the year 3045268 in that planet. Although there is considerable growth and diversity of scientific fields, the lion’s share…

Back to the Future!


Request of retraction of a clinical practice guideline | Coronary artery disease|Health Ministry, COLCIENCIAS, UdeA. | Colombia, 2013.

Originally posted on Chaos Theory and Pharmacology:
Reasons to justify the retraction of this document Concerns regarding the critical appraisal of the evidence. Inaccurate, misleading and erroneous recommendations about the effectiveness and safety of active pharmacological principals in patients with cardiovascular disease. Concerns regarding the effect of conflicts of interests by the authors of this…

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