Medicine is broken. (1)

We also have “too much medicine.” (2)

I believe that the practice of medicine can only be mastered by the appropriate mixture of art and science. (3) The same principle can also be applied to our own understanding of drugs (i.e., pharmacology). (4)

Science is also broken “Science is not communal. Science is not universal. Science is not disinterested.” (5)

By the end, science will probably be “something only a little short of a trans-national, trans-generational meta-mind.” (6)

(of course I might be wrong)*


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1. Evidence based medicine (EBM) not evidence-based: medicine is broken.

2. Depende ―@Polimedlabs | #TooMuchMedicine #DemasiadaMedicina.

3. Art

4. Pharmacology

5. Science ―(1) 
Mark Hannel quoting a Medium article by Lorraine Ch▼en (via Twitter).

6. Science ―(2) 
Carl Sagan (quote).

* “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.”  –Richard P. Feynman

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