Correction: “Widespread bribery, scientific and forensic fraud, ASAM & PHPs are lying…”

they are cherry-picking honest and responsible doctors and labeling them as addicts to make a profit: “the voice of addiction medicine” is coercive and unethical: too much BAD medicine, the lives of our colleagues are usually destroyed, either by suicide or sickness, families are tear apart, first do not harm is something these pseudo-doctors forgot when they were trained as inquisitors and witch-hunters. My name is irrelevant, I’m not someone who can cause you harm, in fact: I was thought during the 1 day course in a course which I would not like to tell the location because you might be confused for the complete disregard and disrespect that phrases written without commas are delivered to you as ammunition awaiting to be refined and printed with serial numbers; let’s call it data, raw, open, and very good looking; your Journal which I don’t remember right now (is more irrelevant than my name – I’ll destroy it; oh, that’s animosity and pompòsity in my words, I cannot tolerate that, your voice, but, …


Aparece mi otro amigo imaginario; lo llamo Andrew Witty, porque me cae miu mal, es un oportunista y propone cosas que no cumple; mi amigo imaginario es real: tanto así que me excuso en sus valores para proponer una oferta llena de ética y altruismo; nada de $ de por medio; oh, by the way, changing the topic and the lenguage of the discussion herein:

Dear BMJ:

I would like to know your declaration of competing interests, not with words, but data (how much you receive from pharmaceutical companies – if it is already open data: please forgive me for my daring request, if data is not open yet: it’ll be better to publish it, or be prepared to write a rhetoric trying to excuse your double-standards; be aware that data must be attached to it or your journal will know a tsunami of data that is not designed to unleash a viral response in the social media, but it will be there, waiting, open to everybody, the world is growing and someone may want to continue the curation process; I think that it will be better to hire me, but, wait, I would not like to be defended by the BMA: I think that your advice to whistleblowers is unwise and may be dangerous: I rather want to do advice the BMA – without marketing and medals of decoration: a professional whistleblower is not interested in participating on a popularity context; I’m waging a legal and information war against the institutional corruption at the University of Valle (my former employer & also my alma mater: I studied there for 15 years – MD, MSc, Ph.D; Professor since 2003-2010 / 2014- 2016) and their university hospital (HUV: corrupted up to the bones). I’m back, reloaded, and loaded with data and documentary legal evidence: if you don’t accept my papers, that’s  ok; please forgive me to sound a little bit arrogant: I’m back and reloaded with data and documentary legal evidence: if you don’t accept my papers, that’s  ok; the main purpose of submitting those manuscripts to The BMJ is to avoid the official channels of corrupted institutions (see

negative all the opposite:”Comments their unethical therapies are characterized by coercion and obscure conflicts of interests: ASAM=Criminal Mafia.   (draft) Edit

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