we are back and reloaded.

I would like to say sorry  to the followers of this blog for several reasons:

  1. This blog  – was closed for a brief period (about one month).
  2. About 7 months ago I started to progressively reduce the publication of blog posts related to corruption in healthcare and pharmaceutical crimes; furthermore, I suddenly stopped without any apparent explanation the attacks on the institutional drifts (i.e., corruption) related to the HUV (Hospital Universitario del Valle) and I also stopped supporting my enemies of my enemies (which are also my bests friends – e.g., Médicos Sin Marca, NoGracias,, fear and loathing in bioethics, etc.

But that will be, certainly, a plain lie: I’m not sorry at all; that was precisely a part of a backfire stratagem.

I’m no longer an amateur whistleblower (from now on WB), in fact: I no longer know who am I…

The author (pseudo)disappears and the (pseudo)anonymous WB is going to probe some advanced skills in the fine art of attacking (in swift and efficient manner) the wrongdoers.

My name is irrelevant, but, having said that, I’m not Professor Hofmann. Furthermore, I’m not even a professor; I’ll be always a curious student willing to learn by the means of experience – it is certainly the best teacher because knowledge is biased, anyway.

Un saludo especial para mis estudiantes de toxicología de la Universidad del Bayer [o GSK(?)].

Un saludo especial para el profesor que propondré como mi reemplazo en Unibayer, Caliwood, Bayern del Causasus, Republic of Narnia (inbox in 3, 2, 1).

Perhaps the directive board of Unibayer and their legal office thinks that I’m just a highly delusional ex- professor playing with fire; perhaps they are right, but my reality (perhaps is a fictional story, not an accurate description of reality like the DSM-V or the American Society of Addiction Medicine*) is that I’m looking forward to see the ashes.

You can find my real name here:

Or maybe not:..

I’m not a “Médico y Cirujano”, “Magister en Ciencias Biomédicas” y “Doctorado en Ciencias Biomédicas” de la Universidad del Bayer.


Médicx Sin Marca
Universidad de la Calle
Caliwood, Kol.


Se vino…

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