Pharmacology: Test 1.0

I’ll take a temporary (weeks? months? years?) break from this blog. Professor Hofmann is now fully in charge as editor and author of this webpage: this is now a chaordic (not chaotic) level of organization; main topics: pharmacology, higher education, and whistleblowing. There is a new blog: I’ll reblog the first post. No further comments, sincerely, Jorge Ramírez

@Snowden: “Richelieu: “Give me six lines written by the most honest man and I will find in them something to hang him.” How many tweets have you sent?” – 7:01 PM – 12 Oct 2015


Pharmacology virtual (classroom 101) - Curso virtual de farmacología (Salon 101)

There are 18 rapid responses to a head-to-head article published last year on The BMJ,(1) if you follow the link in the reference you’ll find that the location of room 101 have been confirmed by one of the most recognized medical journals in the world. The messenger might be acting on behalf of someone that you might suspect – or not – is the author of this message, whether your suspicions are right or wrong, the real identity of the person behind this reprisal is absolutely irrelevant and I’ll explain you why, but it is not my responsibility to understand it for you, it is neither my problem that you don’t understand the message that I’m delivering in one of the languages that the university have publicly stated as one of their priorities during the next decades, you’ll learn English – whether you want it or not, then we can…

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