Colombian ER doctor on a hunger strike

Nonviolent action: hunger strike

[ . . . ] “Does nonviolent action have to involve lots of people? Not necessarily. An individual can hold a vigil, hunger strike or work-to-rule. Sometimes an individual’s action is immensely inspiring to others. On the other hand, some methods of nonviolent action seem to require many people. A consumer boycott by just one person won’t have much impact, unless the consumer is wealthy or politically influential. Strikes usually involve groups of workers. For a single worker to go on strike is more a form of symbolic protest than noncooperation — unless the single worker is crucial to operations, such as the sole computer programmer in a business. A rally with one person attending is better thought of using another name, for example a vigil. Then there are methods such as setting up alternative government, which require many participants.” [ . . . ]

Read more:

Brian Martin “What is nonviolent action?” Chapter 2 of Nonviolence Unbound

Robyn Iredale. The struggle for justice for overseas-trained doctors


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