Shkreli: Peace.

Also known as the “bad boy” of big pharma, I was among those who rushed to condemn Shkreli under the headline (…) They (Martin Shkreli, NEJM, PhRMA, etc) say that we “pharmascolds” and “research parasites adding my own personal judgment meet a real pharmascold. However, after reading some Tweets by PharmaGossip about Shkreli, I am unsure about the point of oversighting of Shkreli activities while making a blind eye to all others members of the pharmaceutical ‘cosa nostra’.

Here are two interviews which are worth to watch before rushing to make any judgement:

I have to agree on this:

“Shkreli is unusually public and brazen about his operations in these markets, but if he didn’t exist, other wannabe masters of the universe would be doing the exact same things, with the exact same effects, but with much less public knowledge. In some ways, that makes me prefer someone like Shkreli, who at least publicizes the problems he takes advantage of, to his quieter, classier colleagues.”

I definitely prefer Shkreli than the obscure CEOs of Bayer, Boehringer, Amgen, GSK, etc.

To finish:

I think the Shkreli case is more about distracting us from the real issues surrounding the activities of pharmaceutical companies: widespread bribery, corruption, ghostwriting, misleading advertising, unaffordable drug prices (not just Shkreli), and many other unethical practices carried out by pharma CEOs without any sort of accountability, neither by the law or the public opinion. I believe that big pharma bosses are out there free, wealthy, eating good and sleeping tight; at night they’ll probably turn on the TV to laugh of Shkreli while they think about their next profitable dirty businesses.

In summary: I believe Shkreli is just a scapegoat.

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