Doctors strike in Colombia?

Short answer: Yes.

Via doc2doc.

I believe these are the consequences of corruption in health care, inequitable access, a weak law from the very beginning (i.e., the infamous “Ley 100”), and… perhaps many more actors playing on the stage (e.g., pharmaceutical companies, #SuciedadesCientificas, inefficient drug regulatory agencies, etc…)

There is also a current strike of courts (paro judicial. 45 days) and laborers (centrales obreras) convened to start a strike on March 17.

So, there is a doctors strike happening right now in Colombia?

Well, It seems so.

The photo above is Bogotá (social protection ministry building).

Doctors and nurses strike at Mocoa, Putumayo – near Ecuador (7 months without any payment)

Demonstrations, strikes, and massive resignations have also been reported by the news media at Riohacha, Guajira – near Venezuela, and many other places (Villavicencio, Cali, Manizales, etc).

Aggression against doctors – either physical or massive mobbing through news media and social networks, low wages, widespread labor exploitation, lack of materials to perform their job well, and many other things that doctors denounce (e.g., lack of specialists to attend life-threatening situations) – e.g., no surgeon available at the HUV (tertiary public hospital, Cali, Colombia) at 1:30 am – the patient was stabbed in the chest and had a pneumohemothorax.

Note: Colombian news media continues to ignore these manifestations, so I decided to share a few thoughts on doc2doc and then reblogging it here. xD

This post will be translated and updated (it is a very chaotic situation indeed).

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