Peter Gøtzsche: Psychotropic Drugs | Medicamentos Psicotropicos

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Chaos Theory and Pharmacology

“My studies in this area lead me to a very uncomfortable conclusion: Our citizens would be far better off if we removed all the psychotropic drugs from the market, as doctors are unable to handle them. It is inescapable that their availability creates more harm than good.” — Peter Gøtzsche

I am probably still many years away of having the credentials of Peter Gøtzsche. Moreover, I don’t think that I can even get close to the reputability earned by Peter (even if I decide to continue working hard on biomedical research during the next years or probably decades). Dr. Gøtzsche sets a very high standard for critics of the drug industry as Richard Smith (former editor of The BMJ) already pointed out.

…“Critics of the drug industry have been increasing in number, respectability, and vehemence, and Peter has surpassed them all in comparing the industry with organised…

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