The Lost Children (2015) – @AntiDepAware

[ . . . ] “Are there really people of influence in our Health Service and our Coronial System who consider that protecting the identity of psychiatric drugs should take precedence over protecting our children?” [ . . . ]

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Dear Brian,

All I can say is:

1. The contents of this post are not anecdotical evidence at all, it is compelling evidence regarding a category of drugs which is widely known as “antidepressants”.
2. Data regarding the safety and effectiveness of psychiatric drugs in humans is still being withheld by the sponsors (e.g., pharmaceutical companies, universities, governmental and non-governmental agencies).
3. The evaluation processes by which drug regulatory agencies approved these active psychopharmacological principles is deeply concerning. First, it should be clarified that the FDA, EMA, and many more “regulators” across the planet (e.g., INVIMA – Colombia) are facilitators instead of regulators, the term “drug regulatory agencies” is a euphemism. Second, there are frequently many inconsistencies between the reports of drug “regulatory” agencies, publications, and public records of clinical trials.
4. Finally, ‘last but not least’ (I copy that phrase from a text of Peter), it is indeed a very sad evidence, it is also extremely outraging. I’ll continue reading your blog.
5. One more thing, it is quite different when you actually see the faces of lost young lives due to antidepressants, this matter is not merely about “drug study data” and “adverse drug effects”, it is (agreeing with P.G.) indeed the result of shamelessness and unaccountable pharmaceutical companies behaving more like criminal organizations instead of sincere entrepreneurship’s devoted to improving the population wellness


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