Today (Oct 12, 2015) is the ‘World Mental Health Day’ | Hoy (Oct 12, 2015) es el ‘Día Mundial de la Salud Mental’ – (III)

Continuamos con la celebración del mes caótico de la salud mental (Oct 10 – Nov 10)

I. Hmmm…


III. Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry ( Hechos no reconocidos sobre la psiquiatría moderna

CEP Hecho no reconocido # 1 - psiquiatría CEP Hecho no reconocido # 2 - psiquiatría

Leer más:



IV. Leaks By Shrinks

Tal parece que el “Hospital Psiquiátrico Universitario del Valle” (aka “San Isidro”) tuvo algunos problemas con la lluvia que cayo en Cali este fin de semana…


antidepresivos ahorcado de rodillas - NoGracias



US Army Psychiatry Legacies - Vietnam War

Download pdf – US Army Psychiatry Legacies of the Vietnam War (32 pages)


IX. Antidepressants: how can you achieve an informed choice with the patient in front of you? By Richard Lehman, doc2doc.



(…)”If a marketing campaign is really successful, it goes beyond hype to insinuate itself into the language and thought of the population as a whole, essentially remaking the way people think of themselves. Concepts such as reflux disease, erectile dysfunction, and irritable bowel syndrome have had considerable success, but the most remarkable changes have come in the language of psychiatry with the emergence of neurobiological concepts such as social anxiety disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and bipolar disorder. What is striking about this neurobiological language is the extent to which ordinary people have come to incorporate it into their identities. You may have erectile dysfunction or irritable bowel syndrome, but you are bipolar or ADHD. Your diagnosis is part of who you are.” (…)

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