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# Location PI & hospital affiliation Organization Funding in 2014
001 Flowood, MS 39232 Joseph Kwentus, M.D.Brentwood Behavioral Precise Research Centers $897,985.70$51,813.42
002 Houston, TX77008 Carlos Herrera, M.D.7 nursing homes Heights Doctors Clinic $176,032.57$6,498.01
003 Creve Coeur, MO 63141 Franco Sicuro, MDAdvanced Geriatric Mgt Millennium P.A. $1,188,324.92$9,065.84
004 Long Beach, CA  90813 Stephen J. Volk MDDel Amo Hospital Apostle Clinical Trials $393,715.86—
005 Riverside, CA 92506 Sadashiv Rajadhyaksha, MD Clinical Innovations, Inc. None; license revoked 2012
006 Lake Charles, LA 70601 Kashinath Yadalam MDLake Charles Memorial Lake Charles Clinical Trials $1,038,407.13$910.69
007 San Diego, CA 92123 Michael Plopper, MDSharp Behavioral Sharp Behavioral Health Mesa Vista $304,782.89$568.91
008 Cleveland, OH 44109 [Unknown] [Metro Health Medical Center] Unknown
009 Chicago, IL60640 John Sonnenberg PhD[Michael Reinstein MD] Uptown ResearchLakeshore Hospital *SEE BELOW*
010 Oklahoma City, OK 73116 Willis Holloway Jr., MDSt. Anthony Hospital Cutting Edge Research $600,995.75$83,005.44

Table via http://davidhealy.org/study-329-by-the-standards-of-the-time/

Cariprazine Locations – WHO ICTRP/ClinicalTrials.gov (n=22 study records) – open data

cariprazina WHO ICTRP


“Our lead author, Dr. Gary Sachs, reported no drug-company research funding in 2014, and a mere $4,713.20 in personal payments!   With over 100 published articles and a seat on the Harvard Med School faculty, he’s clearly a bigger name in his field than Joseph Kwentus or Kashinath Yadalam.  I’m sure there are rewards for such eminence.  However, they don’t come from clinical trials these days, at least not directly.”

Study 329: By the Standards of the Time

(*) There is also some very interesting data about the researchers and authors of cariprazine studies on the website of Dollars for Docs (ProPublica).

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