Oxygenated Nanobubbles. For Real?

By Derek Lowe October 21, 2014

A longtime reader sent along this article, just based on the headline. “This headline triggers instant skepticism in me”, he said, and I agree. “Potential to treat Alzheimer’s” is both a bold and a weaselly statement to make. The weasel part is that sure, anything has the “potential” to do that, but the boldness lies in the fact that so far, nothing ever has. There are a couple of very weak symptomatic treatments out there, but as far as actually addressing the disease, the clinical success rate is a flat zero. But that’s not stopping these folks:

“The impact of RNS60 on Alzheimer’s disease as outlined in our studies presents new opportunities for hope and deeper research in treating a disease that currently cannot be prevented, cured or even successfully managed,” said Dr. Kalipada Pahan, professor of neurological sciences, biochemistry and pharmacology and the Floyd A. Davis, M.D., endowed chair of neurology at the Rush University Medical Center. “Our findings sparked tremendous excitement for RNS60, identifying an opportunity for advanced research to develop a novel treatment to help the rapidly increasing number of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia patients.”

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El Valle será eje científico de las ‘nanoburbujas’” científico de Tecnoquímicas El País Noticias de Cali Valle y Colombia

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