Disrupted Physician

ASAM/FSPHP/LMD   Blueprint  

Front-Groups representing corporate (drug testing labs, EAPs, inpatient treatment industry) and political (prohibitionist, war on drugs, AA 12-step paradigm of addiction)  interests.

American Society of Addiction Medicine ( )  –ASAM primarily a lobbying group/special interest group.  Origins can be directly traced to Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) and started by Dr. Ruth Fox.  Goal originally to get the medical establishment to accept the chronic brain disease model and 12-step spirituality as the only treatment for alcoholism.


Federation of State Physician Health Programs   ( )–ASAM  took over state Physician Health Programs (PHPs) by joining state PHPs and outnumbering non-ASAM physicians were eventually weeded out (removed, contracts not renewed, retired)


Like Minded Docs ( )–a right wing conservative subset of ASAM.  12-step ideology and facilitation primary goals.  

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 5.38.23 PM

Physician Health Programs and Professional Health Programs (PHPs)–started in the 1970s as “impaired physician” programs and existed in every…

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