Dictatorial Medicine – Medicina Dictatorial


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Arch Neurol Psychiatry. 1948 May;59(5):622-34.

Sociopsychologic structure of the SS; psychiatric report of the Nurnberg trials for war crimes. Author: Leo Alexander.

PMID: 18892875
(No abstract available)

Psychiatr Neurol Med Psychol (Leipz). 1985 May;37(5):245-54.

The fate of psychiatry at the time of the fascist dictatorship. On the 40th anniversary of liberation and in memory of the victims of a science that became destructive]. [Article in German]. Author: Thom A.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Germany from the fascist dictatorship, a survey is presented on the hitherto existing investigations into the various forms of the abuse of psychiatry for the purposes of the fascist system. The paper deals with forced sterilization, the murders of children and of adult mental patients and with the attempted legalization of so-called “active euthanasie”. The causes of this development are discussed and the ethical consequences for the present.

PMID: 3895265 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]


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…”Institutional governance learns from political government, and mimics it. Just as Westminster views electorates as people to be managed and not represented, so also the same prevailing cynical predisposition views academics and students as recalcitrant human resources whose thoughts and actions must be contained. Modernisation and reform are predicated on the belief that everything can and must be managed: faculty, students, research, learning, debate, teaching, even experience itself. The possibilities for participation in democratic change are denied, because everything, including dissent, is managed and circumscribed to keep existing authority in power. Institutionally, it’s called “change-management”. We are perilously close to a position where the unquestioned power of management is declaring war on the academic community, the university, itself: civil war in academia.”…  — Thomas Docherty

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There is no need to be over-polite...


Déjà Vu…

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Re: Doctors and nurses who kill—Chua, Shipman, (Jack the Ripper?) – doc2doc.bmj.com

“We know that in the SS, as in any other criminal organization, if a man did anything which put his loyalty to that organization into a questionable light, he was either liquidated-that means killed-or he had to undertake a criminal act which would definitely and irrevocably tie him to that criminal organization. We say in such a case the man was put “on the spot.” Such an act must include murder, according to the age-old custom of criminal gangs. In the SS this was specifically called blutkitt (blood cement). I first learned of the existence of this special German term from Dr. Wanda von Baeyer, a German psychologist, who also told me that Hitler himself introduced the idea and the word blutkitt, which he had discovered in a book about Genghis Khan in which it was emphasized that the crimes which the Khan’s hordes committed served as “blood cement” (“blutkitt“), holding the organization together.” […]

Open letter to the rector and dean (April 21, 2015): no answers yet.

Disrupted Physician

“Let it be considered, too, that the present inquiry is not concerning a matter of right, if I may say so, but concerning a matter of fact.”–Adam Smith

via The Medical Profession under Dictatorship–Revisiting Dr. Leo Alexander’s prescient warnings from 1949.

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