Fictional Pharmacological Stories

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The majority of active pharmacological principles are perhaps the product of invented fictional stories.

We tend to overestimate our own pharmacological knowledge.

We fool ourselves all the time believing that we truly understand the safety and effectiveness of those medicines — approved by — fictional drug regulators (e.g., FDA, EMA, INVIMA, others).

Some diseases are also the product of fictional stories (Just take a look to the DSM-V).

Many diseases are pretty real – not fictional stories at all.


drugs widely prescribed for the prevention and treatment of these real diseases are – one more time – sci-fi stories.

Peter C. Gøtzsche at “52nd Maudsley Debate: More Harm Than good?”. 15:00 to 17:35 absolutely FATALITY
— Marc Casañas Escarré (@Firefly_fan) August 12, 2015

History professor Yuval Noah Harari — author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind — explains why humans have dominated Earth. The reason is not what you might expect.

70,000 years ago humans were insignificant animals. The most important thing to know about prehistoric humans is that they were unimportant. Their impact on the world was very small, less than that of jellyfish, woodpeckers or bumblebees.

Today, however, humans control this planet. How did we reach from there to here? What was our secret of success, that turned us from insignificant apes minding their own business in a corner of Africa, into the rulers of the world?

We often look for the difference between us and other animals on the individual level. We want to believe that there is something special about the human body or human brain that makes each individual human vastly superior to a dog, or a pig, or…

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