Requesting legal advice: whistleblowing and political abuse of psychiatry

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Dear members doc2doc,

My story is summarized in this release to the public opinion by the league of users from Caprecom (Valle del Cauca, Colombia).

For users proficient in the Spanish language, I recommend this post by No Gracias:  Loca de Rebeldía.

I recently commented here about physician suicide, whistleblowing, human rights, and other topics.

I think that all cases involving the reprisals of whistleblowers are complex and difficult. I have read some posts here on doc2doc about whistleblowing and how it should be effective. There are many recommendations for whistleblowers which are described throughly with great detail in the website of Brian Martin ( – without doubts, the website of Brian was my best resource for effective whistleblowing. After all the events that happened to me during the last two years (i.e., whistleblowing reprisals), I just know one big thing [that’s the reason why I’m writing this post (*)]: I can’t resist only by myself, I would kindly appreciate some support and legal advice. Please be aware that the context of the region in which this take place is very complex. Currently, there is an ongoing peace process in the middle of a complex political scenario in the country. But, I am also aware that there are many places with similar conditions to Colombia – or much worst in terms of the current arm conflict – here the intensity of the arm conflict has been decreasing – I am quite optimistic, but aware that the resolution & complete reconciliation between the population will take a long road ahead –

However, there is another civil war which I don’t really now where the situation of academic freedom is worst (UK or Colombia). Well, I also think it perhaps depends on the specific situation involved.

In Colombia, psychiatrists could take out a Ph.D degree and replace it with a label of mental illness. Involuntary placement and psychiatric hospitalization is torture and violation of the principles of autonomy in the medical ethics.

The drug suggested to treat my “mental illness” was quetiapine – a very bad idea.

Es un tema abstrusoDo human and animal rights really exist?   

This is an scenario of corruption and regular violations of human rights in healthcare.

I am wondering about the actions that could be taken to the international law.

I know several cases of healthcare professionals and students (pre- postgraduate) that have been abused by psychiatry.

Widespread violation of the principle of autonomy (medical ethics).

Hospitals in economic crisis in different cities of the Country with several stopped investigations involving kickbacks.

Asunto: Investigaciones por corrupción en el Hospital Universitario del Valle – Derecho de Petición

This is for anyone willing to start learning Spanish (he escuchado que la empatía comienza con entender el lenguaje de los demás).

The person who wrote this note was calling out my name in a group network of over 17000 physicians from Colombia.

P.D. Soporta la evidencia la información escrita en este corto comentario? (referencia 3)

(*) Texto producto de captura de pantalla + anonimízación de la fuente (no es necesario hacer un calling-out aquí).

En la página web cáotica encontraran suficientes calling outs (ej. rector de la Univalle, Director del Hospital Universitario del Valle, Vicedecano de Investigaciones Univalle (periodo 2014), funcionarios también de Icesi y otras entidades (ej. IETS – creado como una analogía al NICE del Reíno Unido).

Muchas gracias.


1. Roddick John. The key to effective whistleblowing is interprofessional collaboration BMJ 2009; 339 :b305

2. Bent science

3. Linkedin or

4. Stop calling people out

5. Prices of new medicines threaten Colombia Health care reform

6. Absolute English

7. The importance of 2nd languages


9. (*) James C. Coyne. Hat tip: The parable of the Fox and the Hedgehog.

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