It is about time to break the silence on physician suicide…

Originally posted on doc2doc.

I would like to share additional information concerning doctors suicide.

The role of hopelessness, helplessness and defeat is perhaps a key factor for physicians to consider suicide. Nonetheless, it is a complex outcome, there are other risks factors that have been shown to be involved in some studies (e.g., addictions), but I also think that there could be other unknown variables not measured in these studies.

Whistleblowing is perhaps another factor involved in some cases of physician suicide.

Lennane K J. “Whistleblowing”: a health issue. BMJ 1993; 307 :667

Is psychiatry and other self-proclaimed medical specialties (e.g.., addiction medicine – PHPs) doing more harm than good?

Why can’t a doctor be more like a vet?

Veterinarians seems to have a considerable higher rate of suicide compared to physicians.

“Several occupations with the highest suicide rates (per 100 000 population) during 1979-1980 and 1982-1983, including veterinarians (ranked first), pharmacists (fourth), dentists (sixth), doctors (tenth) and farmers (thirteenth), have easy occupational access to a method of suicide (pharmaceuticals or guns).”

I would like to repeat the last paragraph of the first post in this discussion thread:

If we continue keeping the silence involving the suicide of our colleagues, it will be very difficult for us to prevent
the suicide of our patients, as well as effectively supporting families suffering by the suicide of one of their loved ones.

– From another doc2doc post:

It is about time to break the silence on physician suicide…


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