Re: Killings, violence, disappearances and intimidation threaten academic freedom ― @washingtonpost | HT @FreiheitExpert

I found today this article published 4 days ago by The Washington Post via Academic Freedom Bot.

An excerpt follows:

…“These attacks not only threaten the safety and well-being of scholars, students, administrators and staff,” Robert Quinn, the network’s executive director, said in a statement. “In conflict countries, like Syria and Iraq, failure to protect higher education will cripple any efforts to rebuild those societies when the fighting eventually stops, dragging everyone into a never-ending cycle of violence.”

Quinn said more protective measures also are needed “in fragile and volatile places like Pakistan, Thailand, Venezuela and Egypt … where universities, scholars and students are on the front lines in shaping the future of society.”…

Read more:

  • Colombia and other Latin American countries not listed in the Washington Post article could be also deemed as “fragile and volatile places.”

Clasificación Mundial de la Libertad de Prensa 2015 (1)

  • There is for sure under-reporting cases of reprisals against scholars in Latin American countries (e.g., only one case reported in Colombia: in this blog there is compelling evidence of – at least – another case).

Academic freedom monitor

  • The Colombian law does not protect academic whistleblowers.

  • Psychiatry vs. Whistleblowers

  • It is like civil war in the academia.

  • Another excerpt from the Washington Post article follows:

…”The Scholars at Risk Network, based on the campus of New York University, said it documented 333 attacks on students, scholars, administrators and staff of colleges and universities in 65 countries from January 2011 through May 2015. The attacks included 111 incidents of killings, violence and disappearances; 67 of wrongful imprisonment; 47 of wrongful prosecutions; and dozens of other acts of intimidation against colleges and universities, such as travel restrictions or loss of academic posts.”…

How many of these attacks (333) successfully backfired? pubs bf bfbasics.pdf (6)

  • Example of backfire:

Reveal (e.g.,

Redeem (e.g.,

Reframe (e.g.,

Redirect (e.g.,

Resist: stand up to intimidation and bribery.

To be continued...

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