Universities at War. By Professor Thomas Docherty.

Universities at War

Universities at War – pdf flyer – downloaded from http://www.uk.sagepub.com/books/Book244608/reviews?classification=%22Academic%20Books%22&subject=L00&sortBy=defaultPubDate%20desc&fs=1

Universities at War, by Thomas Docherty  – Times Higher Education

…”Docherty’s case about the suppression of dissent and discontent within universities is powerful, and echoes expressions of concern about the present and future of the UK academy made by Miriam David, Rosalind Gill and Gayatri Spivak, among others. But making powerful cases about universities and their various failings, is of course exactly what academics ought to be able to do: it is, after all, our function to examine the certainties (and the pieties) of the worlds in which we exist.”… — Mary Evans


…”Institutional governance learns from political government, and mimics it. Just as Westminster views electorates as people to be managed and not represented, so also the same prevailing cynical predisposition views academics and students as recalcitrant human resources whose thoughts and actions must be contained. Modernisation and reform are predicated on the belief that everything can and must be managed: faculty, students, research, learning, debate, teaching, even experience itself. The possibilities for participation in democratic change are denied, because everything, including dissent, is managed and circumscribed to keep existing authority in power. Institutionally, it’s called “change-management”. We are perilously close to a position where the unquestioned power of management is declaring war on the academic community, the university, itself: civil war in academia.”…  — Thomas Docherty

Read the full text article via Times of Higher Education:

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