“Rhetoric is the art of communication-based in Greek antiquity, of oral and written communication, usually associated with persuasion and/or argument.

There are three rhetorical appeals in classical rhetoric:[1][2]

ethos: an appeal to character, credibility or authority
pathos: an appeal to emotion or identity
logos: an appeal to logic
While Aristotle (and, in fact, most rational folks) use logos, in fact all three can be effective at persuasion. It should also be noted that logical fallacies can be employed effectively in a persuasive piece or argument, as long as the opposition does not “catch” it.”


– Universities at War – By Professor Thomas Docherty.

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universidad del valle   Search Results   Chaos Theory and Pharmacology

Chaos Theory and Pharmacology


I don’t have to raise my voice after hearing arguments loudly stated appealing to their own ‘rational authority’ (or it might be rather a bureaucratical thought disguised by their self-proclaimed “rationality”…?)

Why the voice of those stating loud arguments while gathered behind doors discussing my academic performance is not resounding anywhere?

It is not a whisper at all.

It is absolutely mute.

via Re: Plan de Trabajo Decano 2015 – 2017

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