Whistleblowers and Psychiatrist — Part III — The Thought Crimes

— Thank you again, Dr. Lieberman —

Here is a copy of the Fourth open letter to the Dpto. of Psychiatry at the University of Valle.




— Second thought: thanks, but no thanks (i.e., No Gracias). —



— Rethink —





— Another Cause for Hope: Médicos Sin Marca y sitios afines — 




— Psychiatry in dissent, disarray or…? —


— I am wondering: is the tide changing their direction? —










— I think that I feel confident to ask this question again to the dean of the Health Faculty at the University of Valle. —


Dr. Campo:

You were my professor of psychiatry while I was studying medicine during the 90’s at the University of Valle. In addition, you were also my first director of the program of medicine at the University of Valle (1995, Cali, Colombia). I remember pretty well about the day when you give a speech (Auditory Carlos Manzano — H.U.V. – Hospital Universitario del Valle) to receive a cohort of ~100 new medical students.

Déjà vu.

11401264_10205799302534984_3696465436410987520_n (1)

I also remember that we all were very excited about the upcoming soccer England vs. Colombia (London, Wembley Stadium, 1995) the very same day of the reunion to receive the new medical students by the program director (it was a short but interesting and nice welcoming, thank you).

(that was a good decision - I remember enjoying that match a lot)

But we all know what that reality is perhaps very different to what we think, perhaps more complex than we imagined, chaotic in the unpredictability nature of events…

Deportivo Cali campeón incidentes, muertos y heridos - Cali - ELTIEMPO.COM

Andrés Escobar murder  Colombia prepare for biggest ever World Cup match on 20th anniversary of death - Telegraph (3)


Andrés Escobar murder  Colombia prepare for biggest ever World Cup match on 20th anniversary of death - Telegraph (1)

I know Dr. Campo how hard it is to handle medical students in the first years of their career (Icesi: Aug 2009 – Aug 2012), but it is very satisfactory to see their achievements, even from the distance. We are all accountable of our actions, not only because of the positions that we occupy in the hierarchical levels of power within our organizations, but more importantly just because of the medical profession that we all represent. I am writing you as a colleague, expecting that academic freedom will be endured instead of weakened.

Why do you think my statements do not conform the reality?

What is the reality?

Do you think it is perfectly fine to violate the principle of autonomy of the medical ethics to suppress dissenting ideas about the safety and effectiveness of drugs in humans?


I already published two posts about whistleblowers and psychiatrist.


The third part was announced for April 2015.

Part III ― Whistleblowers and Psychiatry  The Thought Crimes   Chaos Theory and Pharmacology

I was feeling a bit guilty because of my procrastination to publish the third part on April.

Nonetheless, an amazing and unexpected coincidence:

Now I am feeling good because I wasn’t actually procrastinating…

This was the third and last part of the series
— Whistleblowers and Psychiatrist —

To be continued…

cognitive-slide-8-enlarged (1)

Volver a Pensar

Volver-a-pensar (1)
“La profesión médica enfrenta hoy una evidente crisis de confiabilidad. Ella está íntimamente ligada al grave dilema ético que plantea su relación con la industria farmacéutica y de dispositivos médicos. Un dilema que, a juzgar por la evidencia y por las opiniones recurrentemente expresadas por los miembros de la comunidad en las diversas redes sociales, no hemos sabido (como gremio) resolver satisfactoriamente.”…

Leer más: http://www.medicossinmarca.cl/medicos-sin-marca/volver-a-pensar/

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