The league of users from Caprecom (Valle, Colombia) endorses my denounces against the drug industry

Editorial Note:

This announcement was originally published on the website of the CAPRECOM user’s league from the Dpto. of Valle (Colombia). I also posted the announcement on this blog after their release to the public opinion (Spanish).

English translation follows:



The league of users CAPRECOM (state-owned entity of Social Security) Valle del Cauca endorses the serious denounces of corruption, fraud, and adulteration of drug efficacy and safety data presented by the professor of the University of Valle Dr. JORGE HERNÁN RAMÍREZ ESCOBAR Ph.D requesting the competent authorities to investigate thoroughly these allegations.

After reviewing the blog of Dr. Ramirez, we found denounces of several frauds and serious criminal activity carried out systematically by pharmaceutical companies against the well-being of the Colombian people. Dr. RAMíREZ provides compelling evidence of adulteration of drug safety data, manipulation of human studies, and concealment of serious adverse effects. All of these conducts are condemnable under the procedural criminal law of Colombia constituting criminal behaviors of falsification in private and public documents, procedural fraud, and organized crime. It should be noted that these crimes necessarily involves the co-authorship of corrupt officials in governmental institutions (e.g., INVIMA and Social Protection Ministry).

The seriousness of the current situation is that the mafia arm of the pharmaceutical industry had even reached the University of Valle, an institution presuming of their transparency and academic quality. The past 13 of February of 2015, the University of Valle, invoking superfluous reasons, declared the annulment of the professor labor contract. There is no doubt, we are absolutely convinced, that this coward act of the institution is a reprisal against the professor because of their allegations and a coarse attempt to silence his voice.

The scaffold of these serious events involves a group of psychiatrists affiliated to the very same ‘prestigious’ university which ordered to intern Dr. JORGE RAMÍREZ in a mental institution under the diagnosis of “acute psychosis” and a supposed attempt of suicide. Nevertheless, we know professor JORGE RAMÍREZ since several years, we consider him as a kind and gentle doctor, and one of our best friends. We never have found, not even a suspicious, any sign of mental illness affecting Dr. RAMÍREZ, much less a psychotic behavior or suicide risk. Furthermore, the mother of Dr. RAMíREZ, Ms. MARíA JESUS ESCOBAR has told us that her son does not have any mental condition, declaring that members affiliated to the University of Valle tried to deceit her with a false story concerning the ‘imminent suicide’ of her son.

According to several witnesses, during the holiday of December 8th, 2014, professor RAMÍREZ was resting in a city hotel, conducting private activities in a peaceful manner, and completing the report of a research paper that he was writing during that date  Under deceptive maneuvers, a group of people entered into the room of the professor and proceeded to apprehend  and sedate him in a violent manner. The professor, surprised by the violent and planned event, had no chance to resist. He was then involuntary placed  inside a psychiatric clinic with the false diagnosis of an “acute psychotic episode”, and later discharged on December 10th, 2014.

It is clear that large economic capitals controlling the pharmaceutical business in Colombia are behind the forced psychiatric hospitalization of Dr. RAMÍREZ.

In the current situation, it is necessary to recall the provisions of the Penal Code Article 186:

Article 186. Fraudulent admission to asylum, clinic or similar facility. Whoever through a deceptive ploy obtains internment of a person in an asylum, clinic or similar facility, simulating their sickness or helplessness, shall incur imprisonment of sixteen (16) to thirty-six (36) months and a fine of thirteen point thirty-three (13.33 ) to one hundred fifty (150) minimum monthly wages. The sentence shall be thirty-two (32) to fifty (54) months imprisonment, and a fine of twenty (20) to two hundred twenty-five (225) minimum monthly wages when the offender is a member of the family of the victim. The sentence shall be increased by

The sentence shall be thirty-two (32) to fifty (54) months imprisonment, and a fine of twenty (20) to two hundred twenty-five (225) minimum monthly wages when the offender is a member of the family of the victim. The sentence shall be increased by

The sentence shall be increased by one-third to one-half when there is a purpose of profit.

Because the professor’s coercion and involuntary placement into a psychiatric hospital involved the use of force and deceit, we need to consider the provisions of the Penal Code – Article 168:

Article 168: the kidnapping: Whoever purposes other than those provided in the following article, snatches, removes, withholds or conceals a person liable to imprisonment of one hundred ninety-two (192) to three hundred and sixty (360) months and a fine eight hundred (800) to 1500 (1500) minimum monthly wages.

Because these crimes are non querellable, we have asked the Attorney General’s Office and the Regional Office of the Department of Valle to start the relevant investigations aimed to individualize the persons and proceed to impute charges. The prosecution must apply the relevant security measure against the accused for the crimes of kidnapping and fraudulent admission to a psychiatric facility.

Similarly, we have addressed an official letter to the prosecutor and attorney of the nation, EDUARDO MONTEALEGRE and ALEJANDRO ORDOÑEZ MALDONADO respectively, to investigate TO ITS CONCLUSION the criminal activities of the pharmaceutical industry denounced by the Professor JORGE RAMÍREZ in his blog .


President of the User’s League (Dpto. of Valle, Colombia)
Caja de Previsión Social de Comunicaciones – CAPRECOM
state-owned entity of Social Security

This is a voluntary contribution, written without compulsion, and released to the public opinion as an act of the free-will by the CAPRECOM user’s league from the Dpto. of Valle. I read this letter of support for the first time only after their publication on the Internet, the contents of this announcement were written by their authors using the evidence publicly available on this website, it is an independent appraisal of my recent experience involving suppression, repression, and oppression of dissent by the means of political abuse of psychiatry.

I would like to thank the CAPRECOM user’s league from the Dpto. of Valle (Colombia) for not being a bystander.


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