Young Jurks Podcast 12/6/14 Discussing Massachusetts Physician Health Services

Some words of the radio interviewer before Dr. Langan begins to talk (around at 5:30) :

American Association of Addiction Medicine =
“It is like a rehabilitation drug-industrial complex”

Physician Health Services and Addiction Medicine =
“There is a group of doctors who might not be really doctors, I don’t know how to call them”

It is a system of coercion, only possible through the systematic violation of the principles of medical ethics.
…”The whole idea is that you are powerless, someone else knows better than you, you can’t change the situation, you have to rely on outside sources”…

12-step rehabilitation programs = “we are going to call it the AA cult”

“They think that one alcohol drop is alcohol abuse”

I could continue transcribing comments, but I prefer that you hear directly the words of Dr. Langan in the radio.

It is a great interview indeed (I am hearing this podcast for the 2nd time).

Disrupted Physician

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