Sham Peer Review

…”Unless ethical physicians stand up and object, and hold the
unethical physicians accountable for their actions, the spreading
moral malignancy of sham peer review will irreparably harm
patient safety, medical excellence, and the integrity of the
medical profession.”

Lawrence R. Huntoon. Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. Volume 12, Number 1, 2007.

Chaos Theory and Pharmacology

The Psychology of Sham Peer Review

“As sham peer review has spread across the nation, it has left behind a trail of broken and ruined lives and careers of good physicians.Although each case is unique, there are certain common features underlying the psychology of sham peer review.

Psychology of the Sham Peer Review Process

Sham peer review is a premeditated process that begins long before the actual sham peer review hearings and formal proceedings. It begins in the minds of those who set out to destroy a targeted physician. Improper motives, having nothing to do with furthering quality care, drive the process.

The process of sham peer review frequently involves a progressive series of small attacks leading up to a final formal proceeding designed to end the targeted physician’s medical career. Sometimes these trial runs may go unnoticed or seem insignificant to the targeted physician. Meanwhile, the hospital often secretly…

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