Pierre Leichner: “They Say She is Bipolar and He’s Got OCD”

The first time I observed directly the artistic work of Pierre Leichner was in an international event held at Bogotá, Colombia (October 2013).

An excerpt from the artist statement written by Pierre Leichner follows:

“Over the past few years I have transitioned from a thirty-year career as an academic psychiatrist to that of an artist. This desire is fueled by a lifelong dream and also by my dismay at the direction our health care system has been taking. I have now become aware of many of the similarities between Science and Art. At their core, they share the pursuit of meaning. However, whereas Science claims to use mostly objective and quantitative methods, Art uses more qualitative and abstract means. I have always used a multi-factorial approach in my research. This appreciation is reflected in most of my works in that they address biological, psychological, social/cultural, political and spiritual issues simultaneously. This has led me to use multi-sensoriality in most of my projects.”… — Pierre Leichner

Read the complete statement at the artist web page: http://www.leichner.ca/

dsmbadland1webPierre Leichner: DSM Re- Revised and other related texts

Unfortunately, it was not possible to talk directly to Pierre during the Bogotá installation, it was completely my fault because I attended the event at a moment when they were almost closing their gates. Fortunately, now I can share Pierre’s artistic work here in this blog and also write a brief review of what I think of it:

It is outstanding.

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