New facet of scientific illiteracy

…”(5) How does the illiterate-scientist-converted-into-scientific-manager compensate for his incompetence to capture the importance and originality of a scientific piece of work? Very easy he resorts to cuentachilismo: he does not understand what the scientific articles say, but he does know how to count them. By imposing this method of evaluation to the scientists of his nation, the illiterate scientist destroys academic quality.”

What the ‘illiterate-scientist-converted-into-scientific-manager’ would probably answer to that rhetoric (*)?

Only one word will suffice:

Re (illiterate-scientist-converted-into-scientific-manager): Touché.

(*) Assuming that the question is asked to the ‘illiterate-scientist-converted-into-scientific-manager’ on a brief and unusual moment of pure and transparent sincerity on their behalf.


In Mexico, bean-counting is also referred to as puntitis (Jorge Quevedo) or cuentachilismo (Marcelino Cereijido). My local colleague and celebrated author has created with his student Claudia Edwards a three-paragraph gem on the stupidity of bureaucratic managerialism in science. You can read it in Spanish here. The text is so good that I have translated the 5 concrete examples of “modern” stupidity below. The international reader will instantly see that the crisis Pirincho (as Marcelino is also known to his friends) describes is by no means a “third world” problem.

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