“@Univalle_FSalud: Comuníquese con el Decano” Re: “Tu comentario está pendiente de moderación.”

To anyone whom it may concern,

The following URL(s) have evidence to support the statement that suppression of dissent occurred during my tenure track at the University of Valle, Cali, Colombia.


The task of rejecting my hypothesis (i.e., by the means of supporting the null hypothesis) relies on tenured professors at the University of Valle, professors of some other institutions in the region (e.g., Icesi University) or anywhere else are very welcome to reject this hypothesis. Note: – you can also read somewhere (e.g., figshare) this information.


The documents above are figshare filesets:

  1. it’s open.
  2. It’s transparent.
  3. I cannot erase anything which has been posted in this section.
  4. It’s citable.
  5. It can be used as a prepublication article.
  6. Minimal friction of the system with researchers: this is about open data and academic debate, there is no journal editor evaluating which is can be published or not, here it’s you alone writing your imaginary discussions. It doesn’t matter that someone will answer in one month, year, or century. This will be here, it’s citable, open, and not behind any paywall.
  7. I am confident that no argument of authority will be useful here. In other words: everybody is welcome to an academic debate here on figshare, the only thing is that you must be aware that anything you write here will prevail, for decades, and others can cite what you wrote. This is about a new way of viewing academic publishing.
  8. Welcome Raw Data (i.e., figshare).
  9. It’s also important to recognize that other platforms can be integrated without any conflicts with figshare (e.g., Google SpreadSheets – backup of raw data).
  10. I am aware that I might committed some mistakes. But,
  11. Not anymore.

“Seven mistakes are commonly made by those aiming to expose wrongdoing:
• Trusting too much
• Not having enough evidence
• Using the wrong style
• Not waiting for the right opportunity
• Not building support
• Playing the opponent’s game
• Not knowing when to stop.”

(*) addendum: (8) not knowing when NOT to stop.



Chaos Theory and Pharmacology

Presentación   Comuníquese con el Decano (1)


Parece que seguirá “pendiente de moderación”

Disqus Profile - Jorge H. R. (1)http://salud.univalle.edu.co/comunicandosalud/?p=187#comment-1866813003

…por los siglos de los siglos…

(este comentario fue hace varias semanas y tampoco aparece en la página web)

Les recuerdo sus vinculos con la industria farmacéutica

salud.univalle.edu.co escuelas salud_publica Logros Publicaciones 828_29_comunicado_desde_la_direccion_esp_16_12_14_fm.pdf

Este es el laboratorio farmacéutico multinacional

Re  Putting GlaxoSmithKline to the test over paroxetine   The BMJ

Estos son los tipos de vinculos de la Escuela de Salud Pública de la Universidad del Valle con la Industria Farmacéutica

Big Pharma Is America’s New Mafia - The Daily Beast (2)

Saludos a la Escuela de Salud Pública de la Universidad del Valle y al Dr. Gerardo Campo Cabal.



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