Open Letter to the Academic Community at Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia.


– I have not yet received a response to my letter.
– This professor cataloged by the board of the faculty of health as “UNSATISFACTORY ” (written in capital letters) already presented two posters and a lecture on the event Evidence Live 2015 organized by the University of Oxford and the British Medical Journal (BMJ).
– The posters and the conference were presented with a clear institutional affiliation to the University of Valle.(1-3)
– At no time during this event I mentioned the facts described in the open letter to the academic community of the Universidad del Valle: Everyone gives what they have.


1- Evidence Live 2015 slides: (1) US phase 3 records (2002-2012); (2) Two very dangerous ideas.

2- Hierarchical levels of evidence based medicine are incorrect: Evidence Live 2015 (poster).

3- Basic and clinical pharmacology of the “uroselective” α blocker tamsulosin: a critical analysis: Evidence Live 2015 (poster).

Chaos Theory and Pharmacology

Open Letter to the Academic Community at Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia.   LinkedIn
Note: this letter was originally posted on the Linkedin group of Universidad del Valle (1897 members).

Dear members of the academic community at the University,

I will be out of the country for about 15 days (leaving next week) for attendance to the event Evidence Live 2015 (Oxford University, UK). On the other hand, I look forward the moment of receiving a response by the Health Faculty of the University. An ideal moment for that matter will be the day I return to Colombia.

The content of this response could fall in three possibilities:

I. Public apologies by the Health Faculty Council: This is my suggested response. Furthermore, I expect a very interesting, well-written and cogent letter – please write this apology in English because this matter is now being actively discussed outside Colombia.

II. Counterargument and refutation of my demands: I think that extraterrestrial life will be discovered…

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