Bio-capitalismo en acción: la corrupción mortal en un ensayo clínico — Via @NoGracias | cc @FearLoathingBTX


The translation of Dan Markingson case just begun – related post (March 22, 2015) –

Dr. Mickey Nardo: “The Markingson case will be in books and textbooks where it belongs long after most of us are no longer around to read them.”

“I wonder about a place where it takes eleven years, a group of dedicated campaigners, a faculty Senate revolt, an ex-Governor’s intervention, and international outrage to finally get the ball rolling. So some are already calling for a change of administration and I would anticipate that cry will become louder.” — Dr. Mickey Nardo.

Re: De acuerdo, el volumen de los mensajes será cada vez mayor e incluso anticipo que este caso será traducido a diferentes idiomas (ej. Español).
Agreed, the volume of messages will become louder and I would even anticipate that this case will be translated into different languages (e.g., Spanish).

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