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Ramirez, Jorge H (2015): Database – Medical Education – Part I – The Double Standard Test. (version 1.0). figshare.
Retrieved 09:27, Apr 08, 2015 (GMT)

Stamping out dissent

Chaos Theory and Pharmacology

angry. sur Twitter    Sometimes one must write what will never be read for the freedom to say what should be said.

I. Excerpt

…”The existence of suppression of dissent as a pervasive feature of science calls for a reconceptualization of the enterprise. Rather than being solely a search for the truth, science is closely bound up with the exercise of power. This is normally acknowledged for totalitarian regimes and for military dictatorships, where intellectual suppression is overt. But the same sorts of processes occur, usually in a more subtle fashion, in liberal democracies. From Copernicus to Darwin to Einstein, as well as countless others who have challenged the conventional wisdom, it has been the dissidents, the outsiders, the contrarians who have spurred science on. We should protect and encourage dissent, even when we disagree with the dissidents.”

Brian Martin is in the Department of Science and Technology…

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