Furthermore —

Related post (April 5, 2015)
Open Letter to the Academic Community at Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia

I. Anyone could cite this open letter:

  • I just uploaded this letter to figshare —

Ramirez, Jorge H (2015): Carta abierta a la comunidad académica de la Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia. (Spanish & English versions). figshare. http://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1367730
Retrieved 04:16, Apr 06, 2015 (GMT)

  • It is now a citable document: digital object identifier (doi).


II. Dear Brian Martin, thank you again.

…”Document the case: This is absolutely crucial if there is any chance of repercussions. Evidence of corruption, discrimination or public hazard must be watertight. This means saving copies of correspondence, receipts, lab notes, drafts of papers, or whatever is important. It can also involve notes on conversations and signed statements from colleagues. Documents should be kept in a safe place.”

III. Comment about “Documents should be kept in a safe place.”

figshare is a very safe place — Nobody can delete figshare articles after their publication, this also includes the owner of the account responsible for the upload of contents into the cloud. Feeling regret after uploading and publishing anything on figshare is futile. Nonetheless, you can also get a provisional doi before deciding to publish the article — their contents will be public (forever and ever) after you decide to click —> |“Yes, publish”|

figshare.com account my_data

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