Shrinks: A Self-Portrait of a Profession — By Robert Withaker | Mad in America (March 19, 2015)

“After finishing Jeffrey Lieberman’s new book, Shrinks: The Untold Story of Psychiatry, I was tempted to put it aside and not write anything, even though I had purchased the book with the intention of doing so. The reason was that I found it impossible to take the book seriously, and actually, I don’t think it is meant to be a serious book. Lieberman, who is a past president of the American Psychiatric Association, doesn’t present any scientific data to support his narrative, nor does it seem that he has relied on primary sources to document it. Much of what is told appears to be taken from secondary sources, and what is left is a kind of pop tale of psychiatry’s rise to glory. Even the publisher’s promotional copy basically acknowledges this, proclaiming it a “tale” that is populated by “true heroes . . . who dared to challenge the status quo.” That sounds like a blurb for an adventure story.”…

— Robert Withaker | Mad in America (March 19, 2015). Read more:

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