“Big Pharma Is America’s New Mafia”

Big Pharma Is America’s New Mafia - The Daily Beast (2)

“Company emails were released revealing that Merck employees planned to “neutralize” and “discredit” doctors who criticized the drug.”

Read the full-text article via The Daily Beast: 

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Mafia has been defined since 1940 as a “group regarded as exerting a secret and sinister influence”.(1)

I know how these groups operate because I have been living in Colombia since 1981. In this South American country, drug cartels were very effective at infiltrating and corrupting all levels of society, their criminal activities were only possible by the complicity of many persons obtaining benefits from these mafia organizations, either directly by being part of their payroll and/or indirectly by providing services and commodities. Those who stand on the side of righteousness were brutally murdered.

“Democracy is not defended by the violation of human rights” – Rodrigo Lara Bonilla.*

“Tolerance is the virtue of those who have faith in what we believe ” ―Alvaro G. Hurtado**

I have been analyzing data about evidence-based medicine during the last six months.(2) One of my conclusions is described in the following quote of my analysis: “The effect of criminal practices by pharmaceutical companies is only possible because of the complicity of others: healthcare systems, professional associations, governmental and academic institutions.”. Read more via figshare. (2)

Finally, I would like to agree and endorse Dr. Smith conclusions about the outstanding work by Peter C. Gøtzsche “Critics of the drug industry have been increasing in number, respectability, and vehemence, and Peter has surpassed them all in comparing the industry with organised crime. I hope that nobody will be put off reading this book by the boldness of his comparison, and perhaps the bluntness of the message will lead to valuable reform.”


1. http://www.oxforddictionaries….

2. Ramirez, Jorge H (2014): Data (i.e., evidence) about evidence based medicine. figshare.http://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.f…

Original quotes (Spanish language):
*“La democracia no se defiende violando los derechos humanos”
**”La tolerancia es la virtud de quienes tenemos fe en lo que creemos”

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