Update: Data (i.e., evidence) about evidence based medicine. figshare

This post was published one day before this event happens:

“Doctors reporting crimes are turned back over to the very perpetrators of the crimes. The Medical Societies and professional organizations contribute to the problem by willful ignorance. Accusations are used to disregard the claims of the accused.” (1)

This quote describes exactly what happens to me.(2-8) I was reporting crimes and then delivered back to the criminal perpetrators, forced psychiatric treatment was prescribed by political abusers of psychiatry. This unethical act has been kept in secret and it have not been described by the official University records.


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Chaos Theory and Pharmacology

Update — December 7, 2014. —

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is not working for many reasons, for example:

1. Incorrect in their foundations (paradox): hierarchical levels of evidence are supported by opinions (i.e., lowest strength of evidence according to EBM) instead of real data collected from different types of study designs (i.e., evidence).


2. The effect of criminal practices by pharmaceutical companies is only possible because of the complicity of others: healthcare systems, professional associations, governmental and academic institutions. Pharmaceutical companies also corrupt at the personal level, politicians and political parties are on their payroll, medical professionals seduced by different types of gifts in exchange of prescriptions (i.e., bribery) which very likely results in patients not receiving the proper treatment for their disease, many times there is no such thing: healthy persons not needing pharmacological treatments of any kind are constantly misdiagnosed and treated with unnecessary drugs. Some medical…

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