Disrupted Physician- This Injustice Needs Exposure & Few Know It Exists

Finding Truth In an Illusory World

IMG_1514This is an important issue facing the medical profession.

Please read the info and then follow up on the site of ‘Disrupted Physician’. There you will find a petition that needs signatures. This petition brings the hope needed to initiate the change that is required, to stop further injustice. The petition is calling for stricter oversight on drug and alcohol testing. A reasonable request that should not require an act of congress. As the saying goes, “it appears the insane are running the asylum”.

I have read extensively, on Dr. Langan’s site. He provides excellent documentation and testimony. From the knowledge I have gained on this issue, it is apparent that many medical professionals have fallen victim to faulty and fraudulent drug/alcohol testing. From there, the avalanche of loss begins. The medical professional is now forced to endure the loss of integrity, reputation, family, friends, self esteem and their…

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