Colombia Médica 2014; Volume 45 (4th Issue) | cc @Univalle_FSalud

The Health Faculty at the University of Valle presents the last edition of their official biomedical journal: Colombia Médica.

Information via the Health Faculty Communications Office:

More information

1. Colombia Médica web page:

2. Colombia Médica: why we are a journal worth supporting?. figshare.

3. Other volumes available via PubMed Central:

Colombia Médica : CM Vols. 43 to 45;  2012 to 2014

Vol. 45 2014

v.45(1): 5–47
Jan-Mar 2014
v.45(2): 52–88
Apr-Jun 2014
v.45(3): 94–140
Jul-Sep 2014
v.45(4): 146–198
Oct-Dec 2014

Vol. 44 2013

v.44(1): 5–65
Jan-Mar 2013
v.44(2): 70–131
Apr-Jun 2013
v.44(3): 132–205
Jul-Sep 2013
v.44(4): 206–248
Oct-Dec 2013

Vol. 43 2012

v.43(2): 112–188
Apr-Jun 2012
v.43(3): 182–243
Jul-Sep 2012
v.43(4): 244–312
Oct-Dec 2012

4. About the University of Valle (aka Univalle)

— official web page:


5. Finally,

– I am still in charge of the Twitter account of Colombia Médica.
– This is because the journal is beyond the health faculty by itself.

Do I make myself clear?

If you work at University of Valle but still don’t understand my arguments, it’s because you’ve probably missed these posts:

Let’s discuss it here
Sluggish schizophrenia
Could we begin to talk about what I wrote just hours before being silenced by coercion into psychiatric treatment?
About labor protection of academic whistleblowers in Colombia
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Whistleblowers and Psychiatrists: Accountability

I would like to reiterate:

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