A story about oxygen nanobubbles: The End (I think?)

First post (Aug 12, 2014): A story about oxygen nanobubbles: Introduction

The document attached to this blog is a Freedom of Information Act Appeal submitted to the US  Department of Health And Human Services on July 2013.

I can certify that the document is original, except for erased information related to my home address and personal IDs. More than 1 year has passed since my request without receiving any responses, that’s why I decided to start today the disclosure of information about RNS60.

My story related to oxygen nanobubbles (charge-stabilized nanobubbles or RNS60) started in a rainy Thursday on May 2013.

More information will be disclosed in the future, however I do not know in which date I’ll post more information about RNS60, as well as the level of disclosure or for how long I’ll engage on scientific & ethical discussions about RNS60.

Read more: http://chaoticpharmacology.com/2014/08/12/a-story-about-oxygen-nanobubbles-introduction/

My final comment about RNS60 (i.e., The End).

This case at the end is just only one more piece of evidence to support the following statement:

The clinical trial system — phases one (I) through four (IV), —  as well as the processes carried out  by drug regulatory agencies, supposedly aimed to determine the safety and effectiveness of active pharmacological principles in humans, are just broken systems and far from being a coherent rationale to determine which drugs warrant further approval into the market. 

Other posts with information about RNS60

– http://chaoticpharmacology.com/?s=rns60

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