Chapter One: It Begins

1st. Prologue:

2nd. Chapter One: It Begins (reblogged below)

75th. Chapter Seventy-Four: Visitation

P.S. Happy reading!

Victo Dolore

I was born Evelyn Claire Douglas on June 8th, 1829 to a Scottish immigrant to the United States named Alfred Douglas and his wife, the former Elizabeth Anne Montgomery, a beauty of the highest degree and a second generation “American” from Pennsylvania.  Their marriage, arranged as all proper upper middle class marriages were, was less than happy.  My father, a merchant by trade, had made quite a living for himself in cotton manufacturing in the years after the war of 1812 after Frances Lowell had created America’s first power loom and harnessed the power of the Charles River using the Waltham method of mass production manufacturing. It was rumored that my father had decided at the age of 46 that it was time to take a wife and so had essentially bought my mother for a rather fantastic sum of money from her parents who were heavily in…

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