Question: Should scientists share their data? A. Yes | B. No (via @epmonthly & @figshare)

A. Yes (many reasons) –  √ (March 16, 2015)

 B. No (zero reasons) –  Χ

0.0 – please don’t give me the “data privacy excuse.” (it’s very easy to handle preserving patient anonymity after the disclosure of human data) –

Response to J. Castellani  PhRMA   An ounce of data  i.e., 64740 data values    The BMJ (3)

Now, the question is: WHERE?

  • My favorite is figshare (of course I’m biased. We all are biased, anyway) tools (2)

  • I usually use Google SpreadSheets simultaneously for all databases uploaded to figshare. Google Drive is an easier method to edit the data values, I’m only speaking from my  own experience (maybe there are some better methods, but I’m also used to do it that way, no reason for me to change methods that are working perfectly and flow with ease.

Where else?

I do know other research clouds, but I don’t even remember their names. There is also no reason to perform right now a Google search to refresh my memory (I can use the memory space for something different).

For me, open data and figshare are synonyms

Before you think  about any conflict of interests here:

  • figshare is not paying me for writing this post.

  • You can open a figshare account for free and work perfectly with that.

  • A few months ago I decided to purchase a subscription (mainly because of the additional projects) – which is not expensive at all, and it’s a very good investment ($8 USD per month).


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