Helpful resources for those abused and afraid — via 

1. Supression of Dissent: Basic Information

2. The keys to backfire

• “Reveal: expose the injustice, challenge cover-up
• Redeem: validate the target, challenge devaluation
• Reframe: emphasise the injustice, counter reinterpretation
• Redirect: mobilise support, be wary of official channels
• Resist: stand up to intimidation and bribery” pubs bf bfbasics.pdf (5)



Disrupted Physician

IMG_0873Letters From Those Abused and Afraid.

I get many e-mails, letters and phone calls from doctors, nurses and others who have been abused by  “professional health programs” (PHPs).  Most do not want their letters published for fear of being identified and punished.  Some want there letters posted after removing any unique identifiers and I am posting them here–  Letters From Those Abused and Afraid

I am posting Dr. Roop’s  letter below at his request.  He specifically stated his name and contact information be included. I applaud his courage.   As was the case with the Inquisition, this is system  that relies, above all else,  on secrecy and silence.   Effective “Impression management” requires both the promotion of positive information and suppression of negative information. The “PHP-blueprint” has been effectively propagandized via a congratulatory back-slapping parade of misinformation.  This propaganda barrage includes both exaggeration of the existence and danger of impaired and incompetent drug…

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