Laboratory Misconduct in Drug Testing–Processing “Forensic” as “Clinical” to Bypass Chain-of-Custody

About Alcohol Testing (Source: ProPublica)

Alcohol (ethanol) level | Service Code: 82055

– Total Paid: $7,626,583

– Total Times Performed (or Units): 510,265

– Rank Among All Services: 426

Performed (State)
1. 63,973 (North Carolina)
2. 61,874 (Texas)
3. 50,958 (Florida)
4. 48,393 (California)
5. 38,450 (Massachusetts)



Disrupted Physician


In “Ethical and Managerial Considerations Regarding State Physician Health Programs, ” Dr.’s J Wesley Boyd and John Knight note the significant and multiple conflicts of interest that exist between State Physician Health Programs and the referral treatment centers that they use.     They state:

“To further complicate matters, many evaluation/treatment centers depend on state PHP referrals for their financial viability. Because of this, if, in its referral of a physician, the PHP highlights a physician as particularly problematic, the evaluation center might—whether consciously or otherwise—tailor its diagnoses and recommendations in a way that will support the PHP’s impression of that physician.”

There is an obvious difference between impartially evaluating evidence in order to come to an unbiased conclusion and building a case to justify a conclusion already drawn. To consciously “tailor” a diagnosis of addiction or relapse based on anything other than the objective evidence violates the basic principles…

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