Expectation vs. Reality


Ethos Universitario (excerpt)

Original text (Spanish)

…”Del valor supremo de la libertad surge entonces la libertad de expresión, de cátedra o de enseñanza, de investigación, de difundir y publicar sus resultados. La libertad de agremiación, libertad para opinar y disentir, incluso sobre la institución universitaria para la cual se trabaja.”…

English translation *

… ” From the supreme value of liberty arises the freedom of expression, academic freedom, and scientific autonomy — including the dissemination and publication of research results. The freedom of association, the freedom of opinion and dissent, even about the academic institution for which you work.” …


  • There is no official translation of this document.


Thomas Docherty on academic freedom

…”Institutional governance learns from political government, and mimics it. Just as Westminster views electorates as people to be managed and not represented, so also the same prevailing cynical predisposition views academics and students as recalcitrant human resources whose thoughts and actions must be contained. Modernisation and reform are predicated on the belief that everything can and must be managed: faculty, students, research, learning, debate, teaching, even experience itself. The possibilities for participation in democratic change are denied, because everything, including dissent, is managed and circumscribed to keep existing authority in power. Institutionally, it’s called “change-management”. We are perilously close to a position where the unquestioned power of management is declaring war on the academic community, the university, itself: civil war in academia.”… 

Read the full text article via Times of Higher Education: 

Whistleblowers and psychiatrists
— I —

Whistleblowers and psychiatrists
— II —











To be continued…

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