Abuse of Medical Assessments to Dismiss Whistleblowers

Author: a member of Whistleblowers Australia, December 1997.
Source: Brian Martin's website on suppression of dissent 

“Stories from whistleblowers suggests that a repeated and highly consistent aspect of the whistleblowing experience is the abuse by the employer of medical and psychiatric appointments as a mechanism for intimidating whistleblowers and avoiding the need to address the real issues.

Referral for psychiatric assessment comes after the whistleblower has persisted in raising a workplace issue of fraud, corruption or mismanagement which is internally investigated but not properly addressed. The referral may also come after the whistleblower has been formally charged with internal or external disciplinary charges based on a fabricated wrongdoing and where that charge or those charges have been dropped.”

Read more: Abuse of Medical Assessments to Dismiss Whistleblowers

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