Suppression of dissent — Documents and contacts —


“This site deals with attacks on dissenting views and individuals. The general field of “suppression of dissent” includes whistleblowing, free speech, systems of social control and related topics. The purpose of the site is to foster examination of these issues and action against suppression. It is founded on the assumption that openness and dialogue should be fostered to challenge unaccountable power.

Basic information
Contacts: organisations and networks in several countries, including copies of newsletters

Documents: articles, case studies and links to other web sites

The editor of this site, Brian Martin, has been investigating suppression since the late 1970s. He relies heavily on advice and support from kindred spirits in Whistleblowers Australia, Dissent Network Australia and numerous dissidents throughout the world.

Every attempt is made to provide accurate and well written material. New material and updates are made regularly. Your contributions, suggestions and advice are welcome.

Material contained here represents the views of the relevant author and should not be assumed to represent the views of any other individual or organisation.”

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