Academic Bullying (The Guardian, Higher Education Network Blog)

Culture of cruelty: why bullying thrives in higher education
In an environment where discussion, debate and criticism are encouraged, undermining behaviour can flourish

Bullying in universities: what are your legal rights?
Research shows that bullying is more prevalent in higher education than other professions. Here’s some expert advice on what do to if you’re being subject to unjust behaviour

Bullying in academia: ‘professors are supposed to be stressed! That’s the job’
He cancelled meetings, piled on additional work and refused to offer any support. I started to drink more – and at 48 – took voluntary redundancy to escape my bullying line manager

Bullying in higher education: it’s time to hold the sector to account
We should be worried about the competence of those running our universities, says Gus John, who identifies three reasons why bullying goes unchecked in academia

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